About Me – OMG Yarn (balls)

About Me

My name is Melina Flynn and I am a yarnaholic turned fiberista, dyer, and designer.  I am a self-proclaimed superhero and a mother of three kiddos: Peanut, Sharky, and newest baby, Ola.

My passion for the arts is what inspired me to begin expressing myself through yarn dyeing, knit and crochet design.  I enjoy sharing my love of yarn with others and expressing myself as an artist using yarn as a medium.

The kiddos! Peanut, Ola, and Sharky (Left to Right)

My mother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was in third grade.  I’d sneak knitting needles to school and knit during recess.  Since then, I’ve been knitting and crocheting off and on.

In 2011, after leaving my job as a health care administrator to become a stay at home mom, my mother suggested I start dyeing yarn as a way to pass the time (I was blessed with a pretty laid back toddler, so I fortunately had a lot of flexibility with daily activities).  After many months dyeing and running around the state to check out small, independently owned yarn shops, I decided to open my own yarn shop.

Midwest Yarn’s yarn shop operated in Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood for 4 years before I closed its doors to turn into a full time studio. While I miss visiting with customers face-to-face, I am absolutely loving the fact that I now get to work on projects I never had time for.

I participate in Knit Picks’ Independent Designer Program and now self-publish patterns for OMG Yarn.