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For the Mildly Offensive Fiber Artist in You: Cross Stitch

May 30, 2017

Well, we finally did it. The Mildly Offensive Fiber Arts Group that I help admin has reached over 10,000 people. Our favorite way to greet new members: “Welcome to the Fucking Fold”.

I first uttered those words, believe it or not, when I introduced my boyfriend to both my sons at the same time. We’re kind of a rowdy bunch; free spirits if you will. So, of course, knowing that I’m a yarn girl, I snakily said in exhausted newly single mom mode, “Welcome to the Fucking Fold. I should stitch that on a pillow.”

Well, this isn’t a pillow, but it’s definitely getting hung on the wall.

As a gift for you Mildly (or even Very) Offensive Fiber Artists and reaching 10,000 members of semi-controlled chaos, I’m posting the chart for you to use. Anyone willing to make a graphghan or non cross stitch wall hanging from this? 

Remember, if you share your finished work, include a link back to the site and give OMG Yarn credit!

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Duplicate Stitch: How to Avoid Fair Isle Like the Plague

February 13, 2017

About a year ago, a co-member of a local mom’s group, Broads with Babies, commissioned me to make her a HILARIOUS hat, because Wisconsin winters are rough (language, I know).


I’m actually not a fan of any type of two color knitting that is not a stripe – fair isle or intarsia – just because I can be a lazy knitter. Like the title suggests, I avoid it like the plague. I did, however, want to keep up with my knitting and get rid of some yarn. I did, after all, just close my yarn shop and had hundreds of balls of yarn sitting in bins in the attic.


Duplicate stitch, though technically an embroidery technique, is a great way to get personalized sayings or small graphics onto your knitting without having to worry about loose or tight floaters getting in the way. I have been using it quite a bit lately to complete some of my “craftivist” projects (I’ll be posting about that soon too).


Rather than reinvent the wheel here, I found a YouTube video from some of my favorite folks at KnitPicks.


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