Wholesale – OMG Yarn (balls)


OMG Yarn (Balls) offers wholesale to qualified buyers.

I’m happy to create a custom colorway for your shop. Check out my Etsy store to see what I have done!

Contact me for a complete list of repeatable colorways.

Why work with OMG Yarn (Balls)?

  1. My focus on passion for the fiber arts. I absolutely love working with LYS’ and owned one myself for 4 years. I actually closed to work more on dyeing yarn. I mean, running a brick and mortar store is hard work and I wanted more time to play with yarn.
  2. My focus on design. I design both knit AND crochet patterns for OMG Yarn (Balls). I also am a part of KnitPicks’ Independent Designer Program and have designed two exclusive KnitCrate crochet patterns.
  3. My focus on small, local businesses and American Made products. All yarns that I use are made and sourced in the USA. That means even the wool itself comes from right here in the United States. My dyes are also American made.
  4. My focus on both knit and crochet (and other DIY projects that use yarn). I know that both crafts are different beasts and chose my base yarns to work well for both. I, personally, make samples with my yarn before choosing the bases so that I know how well they work up for both crafts. I have even had customers weave, macrame, and more with my yarn. Click here for a little more on how I selected my yarn bases.
  5. My focus on helping others take their skills to the next level. I launched this website in order to continue teaching knitting and crochet techniques that everyone can use, no matter what their skill level. Sometimes I like simple projects, some times I NEED something complicated. I am constantly adding tutorials to the site and sharing tips and tricks on the blog and on social media (Are you following OMG Yarn on Instagram or Facebook? Click any of the social links on this page to find me!).
  6. My focus on community and not competition. I am happy to sit down and chat with LYS owners and other yarn dyers about my experiences in the fiber arts industry in order to help them better their businesses. I have an MBA and I’ve been in business since 2011, so I do have some insight that I’m happy to share with others, be it in person or here on the blog.
  7. My focus on being all inclusive. I think this should go without saying, but I’m gonna say it. I am an all inclusive business and try my hardest to evolve with the times. If you love yarn, we’ll get along. I don’t discriminate, I don’t hate, and I spread that positivity everywhere I possibly can. I even add a little positive energy into the yarn when I’m dyeing.

If you like what you see and want to get more details on how to order with us, contact Melina today!